Silence Inspired by Nature

To provide optimum ambience, Aeratron fans operate in virtual silence, even while functioning at the highest settings. This amazing technical wizardry is actually the result of biometric engineering inspired by the shape of bird wings. The aerodynamic contours of the Aeratron 3D-aerofoil blades include small winglets designed to dramatically reduce annoying air vortex, blade drag and swirl that is common with most conventional fans.

The Swiss-German engineered Aeratron self-balancing system continually assures you of a quiet and effortless air-moving performance: Aeratron eliminates disturbing sounds caused by wobbling and vibration through a unique stabilising technology that keeps the blades in perfect aerodynamic equilibrium.

As a result, you and family, friends, colleagues, and customers will realise the full benefits of Aeratron fans, including feelings of well-being and minimised distraction with Aeratron fans over head.

Sustainable Technology

Aeratron’s approach in designing our world-class fans was to completely rethink the shape and underlying technology of the common ceiling fans. As a result, Aeratron operates in complete harmony with the natural world with fans that stand in class all by themselves.

Aeratron’s advanced technology can offer tremendous savings on heating and cooling and costs, as well as enhance the living and working environments wherever they are installed.

In addition, Aeratron’s low-waste manufacturing, eco-friendly packaging and carbon-offset projects is the company’s way of contributing to a more sustainable future for us all.

Designed for Efficiency and Beauty

Advanced technological breakthroughs and innovative design methodologies have led to the development of Aeratron Eco-efficient ceiling fans. Aeratron’s highly optimised 3D-aerofoil blades which is a completely self-balancing system along with the Aeratron’s electronically controlled high-efficiency DC motors consume a fractional 15-20% of the electricity compared to conventional ceiling fans.

To surround you in comfort while also benefiting the environment, Aeratron has carefully chosen only those materials and manufacturing processes that meet our high standards while ensuring the durability and longevity of Aeratron fans.