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Aeratrons New AE+ Series Designer DC Ceiling Fans

Aeratron has followed up on its multi-award winning range of
energy efficient Designer DC ceiling fans with the release of the
new AE+ Series.

The AE+ series represents a major step forward in modern ceiling fan
design, blending carefully crafted 3D aerofoil ABS blades, coupled
to a patented self-balancing system and highly efficient DC motor.
The result is an amazingly quiet fan that uses around 75% less
energy than a traditional ceiling fan.

Designed in Australia by a Swiss-German engineering team, the
new generation of Aeratron Designer DC Ceiling fan expands on the
original E series. Now with an optional 10W LED light kit, slimline remote hand piece,
optional home automation and wall controller kits.

The New AE+ 360” Aeratron complements the AE+ 350” range and is
designed for larger spaces where it can move over 9,500m3 of air
using only 20W. The New AE 350” moves over 7,500m3 of air
using only 17.7W, both without the unpleasant swirling noises and
wobbling sounds created by conventional ceiling fans.

The New AE+ fan range includes over 25 variations to choose from
including; two and three blades, White, Matt black, Silver, Woodgrain
Light and Woodgrain Dark colours in either 43″ (1092mm),  50” (1260mm) or 60”
(1524mm) diameters.

Along with the release of the AE+ series Aeratron have designed a Raked
Extension Rod Kit that allows the complete range of fans to take
advantage the Australian passion for cathedral and high ceilings
bringing new installation possibilities.

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Inspired by the physics and beauty of nature, Aeratron combines
biomimetic design with the precision of Swiss-German engineering
to create a completely different class of eco-efficient ceiling fans.

The patented self-balancing system guarantees a quiet, steady
performance; it eliminates disturbing sounds caused by wobbling
and vibration in conventional fans by keeping the blades in a
dynamic equilibrium.

The noiseless movement of the fan blades is the result of bio-metric
engineering inspired by bird wings; the optimised contours of our
three-dimensional aerofoil blades have small winglets designed to
minimise air vortex drag and swirl.

About Aeratron

Aeratron’s guiding principle is to create harmony between
technology and the natural world through design approaches
which benefit human environments and activity. Simple, functional,
high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing products is Aeratron’s
unwavering objective. Through continued interaction with end-
users, architects, engineers, and industry leaders, Aeratron is
creating a completely different class of eco-efficient air-moving

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