Conventional air condition systems* consume between 100 to 400 times the energy of Aeratron that can achieve comparable cooling effects on room occupants with a much higher degree of efficiency.

Air-conditioning and heating systems consume the largest portion of

household electricity use. These systems are often aged, inadequate, noisy and generally create uncomfortable living and sleeping environments.

In the summer, Aeratron fans can often provide sufficiently comfortable cooling effects without the need

of expensive air condition systems. In the winter, Aeratron fans distribute warmer air more evenly throughout interior spaces which can easily result in an up to 40% savings in energy costs.



With AC/heating

Homes can achieve up to a 50% savings in energy costs with Aeratron fans when used in tandem with standard air condition and heating systems.

In the summertime, the natural cooling effect on skin and Aeratron’s smooth air & temperature exchange typically allow air conditioning thermostats to be set between 4 to 8 degrees (Celsius) higher for greater energy savings.

Each additional degree can save between 8% to 10% on air condition system power consumption, as well as improve the environment’s overall thermal comfort.

In the winter, reversing the direction of Aeratron fans exchanges the ambient temperature in living spaces, resulting in a reduction of heating costs of up to 30%. In many cases, Aeratron owners realise a 50% savings on their utility costs.