First shipment to Europe

Aeratron announces first shipment to Europe


Sydney, 19th September 2012.

container of Aeratron fans has been shipped to Europe. This first shipment is destined for a newly appointed distributor in Italy (VAM Italia) and represents an important step for Aeratron as it continues its international expansion.

“We are very happy. Obtaining a terrific partner in Italy selling fans into Europe and their first order marks an important moment as we build our international distribution channels.” said Managing Director Ole Stockhausen.

About Aeratron:
Aeratron is a Sydney based cleantech company with an innovative, patented technology which allows up to 50% energy savings when used in tandem with air conditioning and heating systems. Their ceiling fans are both

Award and a “Gold” at the International Design Award in the USA


Aeratron e503: A multi-award winner
– Gold at the International Design Awards 2011, USA, “Residential Sustainable Design”
– Design Award at the Australian International Design Awards 2011, “Architectural & Interior Products”
– Honorable Mention at the Green Dot Award, 2012 USA