30-70% of the energy usage in most commercial buildings is the result of electricity consumption to power traditional heating and cooling systems.

Aeratron fans promote natural ventilation and increase cross-ventilation by more evenly distributing fresh air throughout spaces, as well as providing an additional cooling effect on human skin (between 4-8 degrees C). Balancing the distribution of air is particularly important when large interior obstacles (such as furniture, screens, and so on ) block cross-ventilation pathways within a room. Aeraton fans’ quiet operation doesn’t distract room occupants and in addition promotes a healthy working environment.

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Energy Costs Commercial retro

With AC/heating

The combination of Aeratron fans with air condition & heating systems in commercial environments can result in up to 50% in energy and cost savings when supplementing indoor heating and cooling systems.

In summer, Aeratron fans have a natural cooling effect on the skin and the units’ smooth air & temperature exchange allow air conditioning thermostats to be turned up to 8 degrees (Celsius) warmer than usual. Each additional degree can save you up to 10% on utility costs and improve the energy rating of commercial buildings.

In winter, the reverse action of Aeratron fans exchanges the ambient temperature in spaces more evenly. Heating costs can be reduced up 50% and improved working conditions can easily be achieved with the addition of Aeratron fans.

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