Aeratron Raked Ceiling Kit

Raked Ceiling kit

Along with the release of the AE series Aeratron have designed an Raked Ceiling Kit to work in conjunction with the Extension Rod Kit (900mm) that allows the complete range of fans to take advantage the Australian passion for cathedral ceilings bringing new installation possibilities. Aeratron Raked Ceiling Kit works in conjunction with the Extension Rod Kit (900mm) is available now and is compatible with e502, e503 and new AE series.



Angle “A°” Hanger
Extension Rod
Length “B”
Length “B”,Clearance “C”
(60” Fan)
Extra’s Required
0° – 17° Standard Standard ~150mm at 17° – Extension Kit 900mm
17° – 33° 15° Slope -Included
in Raked Ceiling Kit
600mm ~300mm at 33° – Extension Kit 900mm
– Raked Ceiling Kit