About Aeratron

About AeroDC

AeroDC is proudly the Australian Distributors for Aeratron Ceiling fans. Based in Brisbane, AeroDC distributes Aeratron Ceiling fans to retailers from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and even Perth.

This ensures that the worlds most Eco Friendly ceiling fan is easily available to everyone.

About Aeratron

We are a small international team focused on the pursuit of one philosophy.

Aeratron’s guiding principle is to create harmony between technology and the natural world through design approaches which benefit human environments and activity. Simple, functional, high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing products is Aeratron’s unwavering objective. Through continued interaction with end-users, architects, engineers, and industry leaders, Aeratron is creating a completely different class of eco-efficient air-moving products.

Since the formation of the Aeratron team in 2008, two models of eco-efficient ceiling fans are now available in many countries including Australia. Details: Aeratron AE 2 and AE 3.

Aeratron is developing more eco-efficient and sustainable products that will be available in the marketplace soon.

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