AeroDC is proud to be the official Distributors of the Aeratron Ceiling Fan Range in Australia. This new and innovative range of ceiling fans is taking the world by storm.

Aeratron’s guiding philosophy merges innovative technology with the natural world to create harmonious design that beautifully enhance human habitation and activity. Aeratron’s mission is to provide you with simple,highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing products at affordable prices.

Inspired by the physics and beauty of nature, Aeratron combines biomimetic design with the precision of Swiss-German engineering to create a completely different class of eco-efficient fans.

Aeratron’s smooth air circulation systems are engineered to silently deliver very comfortable living and working environments for the home and office. The organic design and quality finishes of Aeratron fans will exceed your highest aesthetic demands.

A winner of multiple international design awards, Aeratron’s ceiling fan technology can help you realise up to a 50% energy reduction when employed in tandem with your air condition or heating systems.

Additional benefits of installing Aeratron fans can include improvements in health and a more productive work environment.


The New AE Series has arrived!
Offering a 2 & 3 blade 60″ range and two timber colours


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Two Blade Fans

AE2 43″ (1092mm) Ideal for small bedrooms under 3x3m.
AE2 50″ (1260mm) Ideal for smaller bedrooms and studies up to 3x3m.
AE2 60″ (1524mm) Ideal for larger bedrooms and living / dining rooms between 3x3m and 4x4m.

Three Blade Fans

AE3 43″ (1092mm) Ideal for smaller bedrooms and studies/offices up to 3x3m.
AE3 50″ (1260mm) Ideal for bedrooms and living / dining rooms up to 4x4m.
AE3 60″ (1524mm) Ideal for bedrooms with parents retreat, open plan living rooms and spaces up to 8x8m.

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